Rural Pastor's Talk

Jonathan Edwards and the Rural Pastor

April 14, 2022 TJ Freeman, Joe Wagner, & Daniel Stegeman Season 2 Episode 13
Rural Pastor's Talk
Jonathan Edwards and the Rural Pastor
Show Notes

In this episode we discuss...

  • Jonathan Edwards and the rural pastor.
    • Dan Stegeman is our resident Edwards scholar.
    • You may know about his writings, but did you know about his heart for the pastorate? In particular, his flock in the rural landscape?
    • Sit down and consider this great theologian and pastor with us, and the legacy he leaves for us as rural pastors!

Small Town Jesus Summit:

Stuff Rural Pastors Can Use Review:

  • Looking for one of the best conferences for teaching AND hospitality toward pastors? Consider going to Shepherd's Conference at Grace Community Church.

Our Quote of the Day:

  • Work of ministers is to rescue the lost souls and bring them to eternal happiness, which is the work that Christ himself came into the world upon and shed his blood for.  - Jonathan Edwards


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